Peru Trip Planner 2024 (Notion)

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Easily Plan Your Trip to Peru

This Notion template is designed to help you plan your trip to Peru.

Every section can be modified and customized to fit your preferences. It's designed in a fully customizable way to be as lightweight or hyper-organized as you like.

What's inside?

This Peru Trip Planner Template for Notion includes the following:

  • Fully customizable template to fit your travel schedule
  • First-hand Peru travel information: Save time and effort in your trip planning
  • 3 Peru itineraries with recommended attractions and things to do. The template includes a 1-week, 2-week, and 3-week pre-designed schedule
  • Peru To-Do List that lists required bookings, so you won't forget to book any accommodations, flights, or activities in your trip planning.
  • Peru Packing List that includes all the important things you need to have a great and stress-free trip to Peru.
  • Peru Map with pinned key places and must-visit destinations.
  • Must-See Destinations in Peru with relevant articles from our travel blog (e.g. Cusco, Lima, Iquitos, Arequipa, Huacachina, and many more).
  • Free Template Update when we explore new parts of Peru. We regularly update our Trip Planner templates based on our experiences.
  • Lifetime access to the template, meaning there's no limit to using it.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase (Instant Download)
  2. Get the Link (Access the Template)
  3. Duplicate the Template (Start Planning!)

You will need

  • A device to access Notion (e.g. Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • A Notion Account (it's free to sign up for a personal plan)


This Peru Trip Planner is a complementary resource to our Peru Destinations, Itineraries, and Travel Guides & Tips.

We've done hundreds of international trips and visited 50+ countries. For our travels, we used this Notion trip planner to plan and prepare every one of our trips. It's our go-to resource to organize our travels and keep track of our To-Dos.


  • Can I customize the template? Yes, once you've duplicated the template, you can freely make edits to the template to fit your personal needs.
  • Are there any costs after purchasing the template? No, you can use the template with Notion's free personal plan free of charge.
  • Are there instructions on how to use the template? Yes, the template comes with instructions on how to use it.
  • What will happen after my purchase? Once you've completed your purchase, you will gain access to the Notion Trip Planner template. From there, you can duplicate the template to customize it. You can also share it with your travel buddy, family, and friends.
  • What are the terms of use of this template? All designs, templates, guides, and content are for your personal use only. Any commercial use or redistribution requires the written permission of the author.
  • How long can I access the template? There is no time limit. With your purchase, you will have lifetime access to the template.

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Peru Trip Planner 2024 (Notion)

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